Remove Temporary Files to make your PC faster

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We are back guys! We aimed to make your computer faster like never before. Earlier we have shared a cool tricks to make computer faster with notepad. Now we are going to show you one more method to make your computer and laptop faster.

There are many reasons behind your slow computer which is a cause for your system to hang and freeze while performing a certain task. Low HDD space could be one of the strong reason behind your system to behave like this. So to make your computer faster you need to keep some free space on your hard drive. Now you might be thinking like I will suggest you to buy a new hard disk. Hmm! No, I won’t say that. I don’t want my readers to spend when they can do for free.

Whenever we run some file or program, our computer stores some temporary files on your HDD to better user experience. But with the time that data started eating out our space. So, the best way is to get rid of all those temporary files and make your device super smooth.

How to delete Temporary Files from PC and Make Computer a Hang Free

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BOOM! Now you have removed all your temporary files. This is the time for restart your PC and experience a new and faster PC.

A Notepad trick to Make Your PC Faster

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Notepad is a great tool! Thank You, Microsoft for making this so useful for us. I am sure most of the PC user already know about notepad. It is just a simple text editor, right? You are wrong! If you know how to use notepad properly, it can be a great time save for you. Most of the people use it as a simple text editor to save some important and not so important text. But do you know you can do a lot of interesting stuff with the notepad?

Notepad is just not what we have learned in our computer classes it is way more than that. All you need to know how to use it in a right way and you are ready to go.

One of the most annoying thing most of the PC user face is low RAM or slow computer. There is quite a few reason behind your slow computer, and one of them is low RAM. RAM is used to store most of your ongoing tasks, but sometimes it also saves some unnecessary files in the memory which ultimately cause slow or hang computer.

There are some methods available online which you can use to clear your RAM but they are little tricky, and you need have extra time to perform those tasks. Here I am presenting you a simple yet awesome technique to clear your RAM with a click by using Notepad.

A Simple Notepad Trick to Make Windows PC faster

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To perform this trick, you need to have a working PC and Notepad.

[box type=”info” size=”meduim” style=”rounded” border=”full”]mystring=80000000[/box]

Whenever you face any problem like hang or slow PC, just double click on that file. It will clear all the junk file from that RAM and make your computer lot faster.